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hey vsauce
Replies: >>39636
I remember he was never the same after this
big whoop give brandon a white room and some meth and there will be a universe in there witihn a day
brandon legally do you know if you can secretly record your neighbors thnaks
Replies: >>39639
record them from the road you should be fine
boredom causes schizophrenia 
t. me
The Art of Cunny - Dao Yu
New skibidi toilet just released
video idea: kids react to hardcore child pornography with britfag asking them questions
Brandon its time to sleep
i want the 2025 model NOW
holy shit those little girls in 2066
brandon these weed gummies make u excrete a weird sticky neon green paste after shitting and its relaly annyoing but im still gonna finish all the bags
still gonna finish them
i really miss that child porn i wish you would at least edit the links out of the post and just mark the guy as banned because he isnt all that bad and he deserves a place here
i used to do 0 now i do 20
i keep my tv brightness at 20 during the day and switch to 0 for the night
mr president sir they took down the mcdonalds with bluescreens we cant order any more big macs or diet cokes
Replies: >>39658 >>39660
ok but why did monique call brandon a pedophile
Replies: >>39659
oh thats really simple she told me it was becau

Why did you hack Crowdstrike???
Replies: >>39661
i checked for my app and everythings up, our institution is fine. very minor overall. airlines are scrambling though
then again we dont run windows servers
who cares about this i come here to talk about bran bran
Replies: >>39664
brandon wotn be able to order his fast food for 2 hours in the morning AAAAAAAAAAAAA
real nothingburgeer though just wait for the retarded reason they said it happened
brandon why haven't you sued monique for defamation of character?
lawyers cost money
Replies: >>39667 >>39668
i will start a legal fund as long as he promises to not come after us
u can control what the money is used for if u dont give it to him outright
also be careufl were on our last strike with joshy kins maybe we should send him neko shota hurtcore via dms so we can get our conviction counter reset
or maybe not i guess we just get a jew star
Replies: >>39671
next one is prolly a perm ban
I farted, Brandon please help me
Replies: >>39673
brandon eats farts like a motherfucker
brandon can tell what you ate last by sniffing youre fart enough
anyways barndon i was talking to monique and she wanted me to ask you something cause she said she forgot, why did she used to call you a pedofile?
brandon drives around baltimore in a van like animal control but instead of pitbulls he nabs nigger goblins

Brandon Robert Kelley is a pedophile from Baltimore who spends 24/7/365 browsing and posting on dead altchans.
He is currently a moderator on the pedophile site Catchan ( under the name Stephanie.
He is a failed musician (used to drum in doom metal bands in Baltimore that never got any gigs),
and got kicked out of 2 bands for lusting after a female bandmate's underage daughter.
Bald bickers he can't grow hair, never finished high school and a self-professed pedophile.
He still lives in Baltimore, Maryland to this day. Presumably at 917 N Calvert St.

Name: Brandon Robert Kelley 
Alias: Stephanie, Dao Yu
Age: 45 (1978)
Address: 917 N Calvert St Baltimore, MD 21202
Primary Home: (410) 230-2999
Home: (410) 547-8372
City: Baltimore
State: MD



why should i care about this irrelevant person
Replies: >>39679
literally famous
brandons piss so potent vaping just 3 pufs gave me a fuckng seizure
triple distilled brannie urine black label
Damn is this info legit?
brandon lost
No, doesn't live there. Also I think the name is wrong (I still don't know which way is the correct way).
idk im busy trying to verify how many nigger dicks can fit into brandons mouth
Also he's not a pedophile and no one ever claimed that.
What does Bald bickers mean?
Replies: >>39689
maybe its a word filter, jole and patch copy and paste their posts a lot
Replies: >>39691
jole locked me in a briefcase and hes taking me to garnet ct
he was nice enough to give me a tablet with access to the catchan domain
jole doesnt last very long he came in my ass in 45 seconds
Replies: >>39698
I just went home from work since our lame windows 10 OS got BTFOd
Replies: >>39700
That's what they get for using CrowdStrike
Not even a hack but a lame glitch
catchan won
Amazing, now I can finally hang out with my schizophrenic, hyper-obsessive,  gendered-dysphoric(Koomie), pajeet lurking, decrepit old diaper smelling, ultrapedofriends!
that happened to you too huh? lmao
Replies: >>39702
its kind of nuts how we all blue screened together over a windows update. it knocked out a ton of amazon warehouses
Yup and I'm pretty fucked if they can't get the computers to run.
Shit Jole you gotta work twice as hard now or Bezos won't be able to afford that adrenochrome.
Same it was eerie how it began slow too. Not sure if you got the same effect but all software in the computers started to slow down in response time then got better and within 15 seconds blue screen of death LMAO
Replies: >>39705 >>39706
is it the russians
yup it really just shows were all on the same system ans pedos think theyre anonymous
im not on windows tho
Replies: >>39709
what a weird event, my learning trainers mom called him and said her computer wemt down the same way
im pretty sure it was an AWS or azure issue
it shows you which companies are globohomo and which aren't
Replies: >>39715
catchan and cloudflare are up so we are good
Replies: >>39716
i got crowdstrike drivers last modified 3 am today i guess some orgs are retarded and some arent
maybe we didnt auto approve a retarded update or something
cause all my shit is fine and nothing is down and nobody has issues
machinery running on SELinux still working well but was a bit glitchy at first.
i had to do lgbtqiqa+ culture sensitivity training last night
Replies: >>39718
this, i can still brandon post

Replies: >>39720
just tell them you've sucked tranny cock and they'll let you skip it
Replies: >>39719
a tranny manager will overhear and ask for a sucky sucky not worth it
Replies: >>39721
hopefully the nukes fall soon
Replies: >>39722
or is it?
Great time to sell Faraday cages :P
so this company crowdstrike has all our info?
weirdlyt enough brandon was "asleep" when windows got hacked
really convenient and it effected amazon? maybe an attempt to counter btfo jole
Replies: >>39726 >>39727
oh ok i get it, company cyber security had a shit update
Replies: >>39728
brandons retaliations get more sophisticated each wipe
PINNACLE BTFO jole will not be able to work for another corporation that uses windows and get his health insurance with low premiums.
Replies: >>39729
supposed glitch while updating

            ( อกโŠ™โ€ฏโ‚’ อกโŠ™)
while i was busy brandon posting brandon was busy hacking cloudstrike to inject malicious code into its update in real time.
Replies: >>39732

child rape is always justifiable
Replies: >>39734
That's one way to forgiving your rapist tbh you were asking for it.
Only my mobile internet works smh can't even check seshie.
Replies: >>39736 >>39943
Did Silv apologize?
Replies: >>39753
             KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK                     EEE
             KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK                     EEE
                                        OOO                      IIIIII 
                                        OOO                      IIIIII
                                        OOO                      IIIIII
                                        OOO                      IIIIII
            KKK                     OOO
            KKK                     OOO
            KKK                     OOO
            KKK                     OOO
            KKK                     MMMMIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE
            KKK                     MMMMIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE


its a old world symbol that is found all over the world. Jain practitioner would consider 
this a dharma symbol for purposes of reincarnation based on your KARMA
wtf :( damn it
Replies: >>39742
Hahaha, lol
skill issue?
Im on windows and im fine, cope.
Replies: >>39745
did it has CrowdStrike installed?
I'm sure it didn't.
Replies: >>39746 >>39747
No why would i download a virus im not a fucking retard lmao
my work machine had the crowdstrike in its driver folder and nothing bluescreened big nothingburger tbqh
Replies: >>39750
โ• โ•โ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•โ•โ•ฃ
โ• โ•โ•โ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•โ•โ•ฃ
โ• โ•โ•โ•โ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•โ•โ•โ•ฃ
โ• โ•โ•โ•ฆโ•โ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•ฆโ•ฉโ•โ•ฉโ•โ•ฉโ•โ•ฉโ•โ•ฉโ•โ•ฉโ•โ•ฌโ•โ•ฌโ•โ•ฌโ•โ•โ•ฆโ•โ•
I dont understand why this would mean i would get raped
Replies: >>39765
corporations are the ones affected since they use it to its fullest capacities
and automatically updates.
Replies: >>39751
who the fuck else is gonna have crowdstrike installed on their home machine
Replies: >>39773
or nevrmind no i havent slept in over a day i just misread that post

no it doesnt make any sense to me our corpo was barely touched at all by le gay
people that work from home tbh
Replies: >>39757 >>39758
but using corporate computer of course
nobody in the company is effected i was watching my user count and its the same as yesterday
Replies: >>39759
>people that work from home tbh
no you dont get to work from home machines unless its some fake bs job
you get a work laptop and use that since their starting price only $500
Replies: >>39760 >>39761
mostly international corps and those that deal with ITAR gov regulations
Replies: >>39762
hmm no i think i misread again hhehgehe
engineers often times get one. Or you can use your own granting the corp permission to snoop in your device depending what type of work you deal with
Replies: >>39766
>mostly international corps 
oo thats my job that me
honestly looks like airlines are the people who relaly got fucked everyone else is meh
I think its a funny btfo but if you think about how this one software fucked so many companies right now by "accident" imagine a full blown premediated attack.
Replies: >>39764
Brandon is really deranged
>why this would mean i would get raped
It doesn't, I was just asking :p
>Or you can use your own granting the corp permission to snoop
no thats just not allowed especially on alot of the jobs its just straight up against the contract lol
Replies: >>39768
never seen a company that lets u use ur own shit
Replies: >>39768
I certainly don't mix my emails from work with my home computer. I was offered a company phone but I kept leaving it at work and they took it away kek
Replies: >>39770
Imagine using a company phone and always play this song out of it
>I was offered a company phone but I kept leaving it at work and they took it away kek
yea i wouldnt take a listening device into my home either
corpo listening device* government listening devices are ok
No it's an issue with my internet provider.
Replies: >>39774
So they are using it?
Replies: >>39778
Hey guys check it out new Brandon dox links
Replies: >>39783
Koomie is session still a mess of an app or is it a lot better? I hate booting that shit up tbh
Replies: >>39777 >>39780
Im not in it
Not sure, might be unrelated but I think it's not a coincidence..
Replies: >>39779
Part of the Brannie btfo plan
He left โŒ›โŒ›
Replies: >>39781
Koomie got sent to kick rocks??
Did he HOMO post?
Replies: >>39782 >>39784
Yeah they all hate me and came up with hourglass plan to get me off
Replies: >>39786
i jsut came all over brandons dox
I don't know, there was an autistic debate about hourglasses. I left and when I came back, he left. Didn't bother to read the rest of the autism, so I really don't know why.
Windows users have two full hourglass emoticons, lol.
>came up with hourglass plan to get me off
tf does this mean? lol
Tbh Karma won the debate but the others refused to admit it. I'd be furious as well.
Replies: >>39788
this i provided proof aswell
I bet whatever deformed Indian freak who singlehandedly crippled the global economy today with useless spaghetti code was really proud of himself while he rode home on top of a Victorian era train to the sound of a woman being gang raped and dismembered.
Replies: >>39791
That's a good description of India tbh
I guess its easier to post the sauce of yt channels rather than to dl them myself and repost later on session. I'm not gonna wait 30 minutes for a single 15 second video to post
                        ( อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธโ€ฏอœส– อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธ)๐Ÿ‘Ž
Replies: >>39793
stop posting hebes though
Replies: >>39794
not really a tottard but since you got sent to kick rocks, here ya go
Tried looking up some cute Finnish girl and I kid you not this came up
Is this the average fin loli?
Replies: >>39796
hyi vittu
Replies: >>39798
that looks to be an adult anyway
Replies: >>39798
Found Koomie when he takes a break from text posting
Get your yt downloader set for this one. sorry not a tot though
              CERTIFIED BUNDA
the servers are not working i think they are blocking me i only got to download 2 videos this time
Replies: >>39801
Silvia should know of another way tbh
Replies: >>39802 >>39809
So small in comparison to the phone
Replies: >>39805
                   ITALIEN Mร„DCHEN
this one is for Silvia from finnish LG
Replies: >>39805
those lil hands makes everything look big
windows is for niggercattle
Replies: >>39807
Oh man i wonder if this guy will win
Replies: >>39810
SEX ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
spread em mascot
Replies: >>39811
Ok *does a frontflip onto oncoming traffic*
Replies: >>39813 >>39814
I remember once when low iq kid was told to show his penis in middle of the road for passing cars he did it
spread em I wanna see steam come out of that dank bootyhole
Replies: >>39816
Aiiiii aiiii aiiiiiiiiiiiii
Replies: >>39818
stop talking about mascot's rancid shithole, its making me sick
Replies: >>39819 >>39821
Replies: >>39818
she claims being virtually hairless
I want proof though
Replies: >>39820
what is her profile picture from
Replies: >>39822
unless she has a stingy tapeworm dangling out that shit cutter
Replies: >>39831
 i meant this
Replies: >>39824 >>39825
fuck I want a HD version of that pfp
Europeans should be able to adopt these south american sex demons
Take it or leave it.
mascot what would you do to her?
Just imagine she's family since I know you're into that

   ๐Ÿ‘( อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธโ€ฏแดฅ อก๐Ÿ‘๏ธ๐Ÿ‘)
You are a savior.
Stingy? Like an electric eel?
Replies: >>39832
oops meant stringy
STOP RUINING MY LIFE while also making it better
more south american succubi
Replies: >>39838
hey frens how to dl little south americunny jungle bunny sex goblin bunda short? 

none of sites that come up in google search work
Replies: >>39836
Replies: >>39839
but I'm lazy, I just put pp after youtube
Do u think pablo escobar was an enjoyer of such cute & funny delights?
Replies: >>39840 >>39841
not on pc
They have developed to attract rich men so they get out of poverty so yes
Can't say if he was but I know I would :D
I wonder if any a.i. has been trained to recognise ideal female proportions/ peak fertility and of someone fed it random insta pics or whatever and it turned out to be pedo a.i. ๐Ÿคฃ 

and after multiple trials those doing the experiment mental gymnastics'd some denial explanation and decided to never try it again without first gimping the a.i just like they had to for things related to race/sex etc. ๐Ÿ˜‹
is that Roo?
Now to the opposite side of SA
Replies: >>39854

Replies: >>39849
Replies: >>39849
( อกเฒฅโ€ฏแดฅ อกเฒฅ)๐Ÿ‘Œ
I want da smol wan pls :3 (๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ’Ž๐ŸŒ‹)
Replies: >>39853

anyone ?
I've always wondered what those AI where you can upload a picture and it will describe it would say if you uploaded a nude lg to it. Are they just programmed to recognise such a thing and give a warning message or would it actually just  go ahead as usual and provide a detailed description.
Replies: >>39864
holy shit
How does she have so big legs
no doubt about that. AI is gonna enslave us through hyper realistic loli waifus
Replies: >>39865 >>39880
Squeeze me between those thighs tbh
Little sexy thing ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
God, thank you for little girls.
Replies: >>39861

             โŠ‚( อกโ™ฅโ€ฏโ‚’ อกโ™ฅ)โŠƒ
Replies: >>39863 >>39876
Lol inb4 it spits out the most pedoest descriptive & poetic literature take the likes of as if shakespeare himself wrote a based 90's lolita screen-to-book adaptation but R18 edition

*saves channel*

Fucking ERRRGH๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐ŸŒ•
Replies: >>39872
mascot is probably gooning to lolis
Replies: >>39874 >>39875
lg's are made for sexo it cannot be denied
Brandon why are uploading cp to youtube again
99% chance
Tony is that you?
Thicco legs of the gods tbh. And with that tunic she looks like tuff little ancient Olympian loli or something ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Replies: >>39878
Thank jesus for narcissistically preoccupied single mothers leaving their cunnyspawn unattended ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘Œ
Replies: >>39878
๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ yes

I think she was posted on the onion /cat/ finally found her channel
Replies: >>39884
Beautiful tits
Replies: >>39881 >>39882
>hyper realistic loli waifus
The future of humanity hinges upon this one thing

If they allow us to have them: eternal bugpod enslavement achieved
If they're successfully prohibited: the first real revolt in centuries ensues
Replies: >>39885 >>39886
Replies: >>39883
would suck them dry
Replies: >>39885

She chose the perfect music for it too (  เผŽเบถโ 3โ เผŽเบถ)
Replies: >>39885
most people will choose the bugpod enslavement just to be plugged into the loli matrix but only if the future is already dystopian enough to want to live in. 
baby Koomie and dom mommy loli

           Nice Bunda

1000% thought the same
Replies: >>39895
Because moar & moar normie men's inner cunnybros are awakening while the system relegates us to gigahags more & more each day
Replies: >>39893 >>39901
the hotness of the hebetot melts all the ice away
Replies: >>39899       

session: BTFO
textboard: WON
Replies: >>39891 >>39900
I bet soon there will be laws passed that make a certain age gap illegal even for 18 year olds

Say like anyone sub 25 can't date someone more than 10 years older... And 18-20 can't date someone more than 5 years older

Y'all just wait i can see it coming
Replies: >>39890 >>39901
I don't really care. I can't date 6yos now anyway...
Replies: >>39892 >>39893
True and same but was just expanding on this >>39886
Replies: >>39903
You're pobably right 

oof what a pose. Perfect plump jiggle cakes presentation pose on point ๐Ÿ†๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿพ๐ŸŒถ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ˜ญ
peak fertility
Replies: >>39904
The sheer heat emanating from that fertile childe vagine is that of 3 neutron stars ... (wan caress & sniff her hair so bad & then kiss all the way up them marshmallow soft thighs ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿง๐ŸคŒ๐Ÿท)
Replies: >>39919
dear god have mercy on muh benis

they're just pushing the pendulum to its limit harder & faster
Cute tot but what a stupid whore mother doing that while pregnant 

New data shows cold therapy is bogus anyway lel it destroys mitochondria
gawt-dayem what a bod
Hebetot granddaughter
Based. I would vote for her to be the new president
Pretty yummy ngl
is it the same boy in both pics
Replies: >>39913
Replies: >>39912 >>39916
Replies: >>39913
this tbh
holee lost
oddly arousing if with roo
Replies: >>39917
roo as a witness
Replies: >>39925
>wan caress & sniff her hair so bad & then kiss all the way up them marshmallow soft thighs
oh man. me too

Why does he ruin their hairstyles
fat bunda
Found the perfect lgf for pookie ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ
Replies: >>39934
Replies: >>39942
Replies: >>39936
sad :I
Where do they find all the long haired boys?
Replies: >>39938 >>39939
Turkey or whatever that country is
Replies: >>39939
Sofia snail on Session for you when your internet is better.

Damn they named a country after an animal wtf
Replies: >>39940
They changed the name!
Tรผrkiye now, totally different from the animal^^
What happened?
Replies: >>39951
Replies: >>39951
Im not sure if this is boy or a girl based on clothing maybe a boy?
Replies: >>39954
Why is this boy wearing a dress...
why are turkish? boys so sissies
i think its a boy but not sure
Hebetot with pacifier
>1 of 68 matches
Replies: >>39967
Replies: >>39970

Not really girl look a like but whatever
oh yeah
Replies: >>39976
All text is equal
We've established this akready
But this text could be 1 link to rather than 70+ links to separate shorts.
Replies: >>39974
why would anyone look through the 1000 shit videos
i looked all i wanted based on thumbnails already
It's just the old spam going on for years.
Real is elsewhere.
Replies: >>39977 >>39978
2 trve
Fertile Lebanese boytots
Replies: >>39984
I just finished gooning to all of it

>i couldnt give a fuck
why are princesses like this?
Retard wageslave hours
Replies: >>39983 >>40110
Brandon is probably working as barber now
Bald barber lmao
Why is UK like this?
Replies: >>39988
is their good torrent for brima? All i find are some weird videos
Videos with a little rat dog and a barber heh brannie tier hahahahHa
Fuck my stupid wagie life
Replies: >>39991
soulless gook eyes
Replies: >>39992 >>40000
Tthis job took my soul
I wish everythig could be pink
Replies: >>39994
Whats your thoughts on this Mascie
Replies: >>39996
None of these people are hot dude
Replies: >>39998

Replies: >>40028
lesbian confirmed
Replies: >>40033
Replies: >>40002
Will give Roo PTSD of nam. If Mascot cares she will self-delete.
Replies: >>40182
Replies: >>40002 >>40003
same here
Get owned kid
Silvia is a huge faggot nigger retard degenerate.

Fuck Silvia, kill Silvia.
Replies: >>40014 >>40022
>posted at the same time
Me and lintdoor righteous victos
Imean victors
Fuck Silvia, kill Silvia.
gotta cool your hot head brandon
Ban Silvia
Rape Silvia
Eat Silvia
Silvia fix your textboard right now
Replies: >>40023
I was first
Replies: >>40021 >>40024
Beat the living shit out of Silvia to submission
Replies: >>40022
tbh @Silvo is too addicted to lgs though>>40019
Replies: >>40022
Why Silvia is such a huge faggot and how do we fix him?
Get better at timing
Replies: >>40025 >>40027
would permaban you if i was admin
Replies: >>40026
Dude im sorrybro
Skill issue tbh
Replies: >>40029
i dont gramstain
What is your ping on the board
Replies: >>40032
kc is all german now that they ban kiddy porn
Replies: >>40031
Replies: >>40034
No theyre asian
Ididnt even have live posts on and im using data
Suck on that
Hve consumed like 500 calories sofar and 5k steps
catchan became better when it abolished child porn
Child porn makes everything better
Replies: >>40261
>Brandon posting surges after banning of CP
What does this imply?
Im emo

me as the popsicle
Replies: >>40047
Why are girls at schoolso much more mature than i am
nigga stop posting instagram i cant view them
Replies: >>40049

just paste on godownloader
Replies: >>40050
im not pasting anything anywhere until i see what it is
I love when cute babies try to order their ownfood i just wanna pinch their cheek
Replies: >>40061
4 more hours of work
Replies: >>40055 >>40110
Nigga you are posting on textboard
Replies: >>40057 >>40097

Looks like Silvia just submitted his official apology!
Replies: >>40058 >>40083
is this real
another observation: site also behaves better
it does not break upon pressing f5

She has a 12 minute livestream uploaded where a guy whips his dick out on two occasions XD
Replies: >>40062 >>40065
Replies: >>40065
someone post those reels to instagram links to catbox so i can see them
how come no new agent to run new honeypot?
Oh and she flashes. How the fuck is that not taken down but harmless bikini vids are :(
Replies: >>40066
Flashes what?
Replies: >>40067 >>40068
camera light
Replies: >>40069
Replies: >>40074
Just came back home.
Saw this beautiful blonde little girl wearing a pink dress at the supermarket. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I'm depressed now.
Replies: >>40071
Might have been a boy wearing a dress
Replies: >>40073
Don't put gay thoughts in my mind.
We really need to get Karma back to seshie he's becoming gayer by the day!
Replies: >>40076
Silvias plan all along
Replies: >>40078 >>40079
Das rite
post it on catbox
Replies: >>40080
Would such an ass fit in a cat box?
oh it was just a normal ass i thought it was maybe string bikini
Replies: >>40082 >>40084
>normal ass
This is why you lost the 40k
Why did Art finger the post calling me a retard?
Replies: >>40091 >>40092
Nigga that ass aint normal.
Replies: >>40085
it is
Replies: >>40089
i see hebetots with bigger asses everyday
average and butterface
Replies: >>40089
>Restricted Video
>You must be 18 years old or over to see this video
Replies: >>40092
Replies: >>40090
i would still tap it not gonna pretend its second coming of god though...

"Somethings wrong"
with the onion.
Maybe Art deserved what Karma said about him...

Must be 18 to view but only (her age) to post.
Replies: >>40093
it won't even show it to me lol
Replies: >>40094
I Love Cunny posted it >>40080
Replies: >>40095
instagram is just blatant at this point
Find an olympic waifu:

Claiming Anna for myself

But take a look at this abomination.
Replies: >>40100
If you must know in the middle of  8hr shift they typically send you on break
Replies: >>40105 >>40124
And now imin the bathroom
Did you know in this very stall i accidentally peed all over my iphone and it survived
No wonder Karma's AOA is so young. 13 year old Finnish women look like this?

I'm sure those a swell links, but yet cannot.
She skteboarding that is a transvestite
Replies: >>40109
happy friday
yeah you eat for 30minutes and then 15minute coffee break
Replies: >>40108
shes cute
Too heavy, bro.
I dont get a 15min break idk why i think its cuase im 15
gooks shouldnt criticize the superior white race.
Replies: >>40111


Thats 38minutes
Replies: >>40112 >>40114
Im going to bring down the white race 1 hapa baby at a time
Replies: >>40123 >>40267
and now you are posting again
Replies: >>40115
>where is the equal pay
Replies: >>40118
Ok uget 5 min to walk to the area and 5 min back i was walking back to my stand dont press me
Im taking a bathroom break leve me alone
Replies: >>40117
You dont use your phone then
Replies: >>40119
>US wages mog europoor wage and this is minimum wage
Replies: >>40120
Im going to whip you with a horse whip if you dont shut up
and you guys dont even work there
Replies: >>40122
its a joke
Dont see the issue
Im going back to work bye wveryone
deKKKolonizing the USA with your pussy
>10 minute bathroom break
this is why you dont hire women
mega delete
Replies: >>40127 >>40129
yeah all your own posts
Replies: >>40130 >>40133
how dare silvia delete child porn
Replies: >>40130 >>40131
check logs
but unironically
it's over
try deleting the 920 reply id thread karma
ok but seriously, memes and shitposting aside, why won't silvia just apologise to karma?
Replies: >>40136
idk brandon
what the vittu
did brannie get cucked again and freak out or something?
hi brandon
Replies: >>40142
Replies: >>40216
Replies: >>40146
wtf, your post is backwards
fake site
he's cheating
what did i miss
Replies: >>40150
silvia is running these public catchan sites as containment site for us
Replies: >>40153
while the real catchan is private
silvia works for the russian government
Replies: >>40155
created anonymous accounts for you to post with

username: catchan1
password: a1

username: catchan2
password: a1

username: catchan3
password: a1

username: catchan4
password: a1

username: catchan5
password: a1

username: catchan6
password: a1
Replies: >>40159
sitting tier list
Replies: >>40158 >>40162
best way to sit is with your legs on top of your desk
i took them all
Replies: >>40160
Ho guys
we hit 75k posts pretty quick and without Brandon
Been walking round with my fly down and i didnt evennotice cause my pants are so baggy
Replies: >>40167
fuck amazon customer support i had to refund another random month old order to calm down
Replies: >>40209
brandon girls dont wear pants
Replies: >>40169
brennan why is kc still up?
how do you know are you a girl
Replies: >>40170
u sound like a bigot no offense maybe spend more time in school and less time hitting nicotine vapes
Replies: >>40177
Karma did you win?
Replies: >>40172 >>40182
Win what
Replies: >>40174
Replies: >>40175
Replies: >>40176
Didnt want to cut my dick off :)
Replies: >>40183
bro i do a lil bit of both balance bro yin and yang
jole lost
or james it was
He lost the >>40000
Replies: >>40184
>Didnt want to cut my dick off :)
i didnt
Replies: >>40185
this dog has already amasssed more fans than brandon throguhout his entire career
Replies: >>40187
well is he a 50 year old balding pedophile
Replies: >>40190
safari glitched and i keep hearing this dog moaning and whimpering while playing shitty piano over and over
Replies: >>40189 >>40191
No... thats the video
tbh thats hot
safari a shit u get what u deserve
brandon where are you you didnt wish me good morning i just woke up
Replies: >>40193
it is 10:27pm
Replies: >>40194 >>40195
its 5am
ive been going to bed around noonish
brandon just declared his apartment a sovreign nation with legal child porn: apply for citizenship today $34.95  cashh only
Replies: >>40197
All hail king Brandon
Replies: >>40202
brandon im bored should i take a vacation?
Replies: >>40199
>brandon just declared his apartment a sovreign nation with legal child porn: apply for citizenship today $34.95  cashh only
Replies: >>40204 >>40300

What the hell is wrong with these niggers
jole lost
grape juice ๐Ÿงƒ๐Ÿ–๏ธ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿค—
Replies: >>40205
lg's love it especially when it has the chewy little gummie bits in it ๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ˜‡
Bros what's the typical fertile in heat tot's first-time reaction to seeing a formidable engorged alphapedo cock? 

Do their angelic eyes dilate in a hazy spellbound infatuation? 
Do they lock on and then avert for a nanosecond out of shyness, only to then lock on again out of burning curiosity and newfound desire? 
Do their pretty little mouths open slightly as they gawk? 
Do they involuntarily touch their hair? 
Do their knees come together slightly and their marshmallow soft supple thighs do a rub?
Replies: >>40207 >>40208

>describing koomie's first time reaction
probably bitch and moan a lot aparently thats what brandon said happens when females are in heat
Replies: >>40210
based i refunded six months chatgpt plus subscription yesterday
Replies: >>40211
depends if they're around a beta they've checked out from or an alpha they wanna get bred by
my longest refund attempt was 9 months i think and opskins threatened to send my info to the police but they were criminals so they didnt
Replies: >>40213 >>40217
only refund attempt i ever lost on paypal probaly pushing it
Replies: >>40217
i remember opskins
the knife i had is worth more than my car rn
Replies: >>40217
imagine we replacedd all brandons limbs with drum sticks and he tries to eat soup
You're a troon and lost.
Who the fuck cares holy shit
ooo only picks out my posts must be angry
Replies: >>40220
pedonigger must be upset instagram blocked him again or some shit

90% of your posts are valley girl tier trash
Replies: >>40222
chill dude posting has slowed to a crawl anyway
Replies: >>40223
>90% of your posts are valley girl tier trash
t. never been to the valley
Replies: >>40226 >>40230
>chill dude posting has slowed to a crawl anyway
hes just upset he cant post cp images at 5 am
i care btw
Replies: >>40227
catbox links not hitting the same
i feel u cp spammer
my only friend
been more times than you could count retarded faggot
Replies: >>40228
>t. also gay
Replies: >>40229
>been more times than you could count retarded faggot
clearly not cause u dont know how valley girls act or maybe u just dont go outside and ur like brandon just sitting in a dark tent on skidrow doing meth you loser
Replies: >>40232 >>40246
more than 50% of /cat/ is homosexual
brandon do you ever have dreams of jole
Replies: >>40234
>seething โœ…
>coping โœ…
>dilating โœ…
full trifecta ๐Ÿ‘
Replies: >>40233
>cope seethe dilate
soyjak must be slow tonight
Replies: >>40235

He has nightmares of jole leaving pedoboards forever
>no u
Replies: >>40236
you actually have to say something if you want a reply
Why do little girls like rape so much bros?
i'm not desperate for (You)'s like u faggot
Replies: >>40254 >>40256
lol "im not an attention whore" making bait replies liek cope seethe ok lol
Replies: >>40241
its like when brandon says he issnt a patehtic loser after pretending he cant see joles posts for 3 weeks yea man
Replies: >>40243
>more coping 
Replies: >>40242
nobidies copying you brandon
Replies: >>40244
>t. brandon's #1 ankle-biting fan who even named his trip after him and does all kinds of circus tricks for any crumb of approval from his senpai
Replies: >>40245
>more coping 
nice wall of text triggered
Replies: >>40246
brandons so easy to troll took a single post to enrage him
>90% of posts insufferable inane ovary-brain trash 
>tOoK a SiNgLe PoSt GuYs 
Replies: >>40249
yea sure cause u arent bitching about literal female posts
Replies: >>40251
just another bitter pedo mad hes on a textboard L
i think i've almost ran out of ways to tell mascot how i'd torture and murder her because of her posts but keep coping i guess
Replies: >>40252 >>40329
toga u forgot ur name
Replies: >>40253
Replies: >>40276
Why little girls like to rape pedoaryans, bros?
Replies: >>40258
>i'm not desperate for (You)'s
yes (you) are
Replies: >>40276
brandon is the biggest you slut on this board
Replies: >>40259 >>40276
Them seeing the ascended genetics triggers forced-ovulation and sexual rabies.
has the most blown out bussy in catchan history. what a legend
Replies: >>40260 >>40276
not true brandon only has anal sex every new years and theres a constant year long bid on it
Replies: >>40262
mascot has 4.20 terabytes of CP
based brandon bussy auctioneer
Replies: >>40265
good morning saars 
link to onion ples sweaty?
save the link already
Replies: >>40266
its a really competitive fanbase cus brandon randomly rewards the top bidder and u wouldnt wanna miss out on remote mcdonalds date
i'm amnesiac
Replies: >>40268
i'd pay good money to see you get bukkaked the fuck out (btfo)
Replies: >>40269
hello its me joe biden give brandon your credit card information
Replies: >>40274
how much
Replies: >>40272
go to google and search for "jole lost"
Replies: >>40271
lol it works
most i can do is $5 letss goooooo
Replies: >>40273
thats like an entire shift for her so its probably worth it
Replies: >>40277
gtfo 43881298390 097 Exp. date 4/25
Replies: >>40275
alright brandon needs the zipcode
Replies: >>40277
when we start to plug into the loli matrix we will truly be a pedo hivemind tbh
Replies: >>40279
Could you stop talking about Brannie's rectum?
>will truly be a pedo hivemind tbh
eta 5 minutes until the pedos start sucking each other cocks based off what ive read in cat
Replies: >>40285 >>40286
if ur gonna spoonfed just put it in the op retard
Replies: >>40283 >>40455
hey watch your mouth
Replies: >>40284
i just cant forgive him for giving tom money
Replies: >>40287
itll be like that gay ass episode of black mirror of the two dudes playing video games
lol can you give some names?
Replies: >>40288
in exchange for what?
not sure i just remember hearing pedos lusting after each others pedococks but admittedly its been awhile since that was as common place
Replies: >>40289
no wonder Koomie says some gay shit sometimes
i think aj talked about pedococks the most tohugh
Replies: >>40295

isn't sharing see pee illegal?
pedococks are disproportionately small compared to general population
designed for kids
Replies: >>40297 >>40339
Somebody kill silvia and steal catchan and post it on clearnet please
Replies: >>40296

I genuinely miss AJ / smol...he is my fren tbqh
nobody else wants to pay $30 a month to host this place
Rated G
Replies: >>40299
i agree this list sucks ass
Needs a flag for that. What is the flag of Brandon's sovereign nation?
brandons currency is backed by meth
Replies: >>40304
not true in my experience
Replies: >>40306 >>40307
what experience do you have brandon? jacking off to cp and putting stuff into microwaves?
What's your sample size?
brandon doesnt know what that is, the only samples he knows about are the ones he steals when he sneaks into costco
never been so disgusted in my life watching that bald faggot eat half eaten food out of the trash
Replies: >>40311
all dysgenic freaks are dying out at rapid pace pedos are winning
You won't be laughing when he outlives you by two decades because of his bulletproof immune system, Jole.
Replies: >>40312
only brandon needs 100 years of jolexbrandon posting im fine with dying at 30
brandon r. kelley documentary: following brandons adventures in the studios of negro childe and mangog
why did bethesda unionize
>Better unions means better studios, better code, better products, and better events for everyone. 
Replies: >>40317
shit tier studio for ages anyway
4chan trannies will still have wikipedia tier debate about it
hey brandon
just put the meth in the bag dude
brandon why did monique call you a pedophile?
Replies: >>40321
She didn't.
brandon why did she say it?
Replies: >>40323
brennan why bren why?
>James is still here caring too much
About to drive out of state, will be gone for a while. I'm sure James will be caring too much about me under some name or another the entire time.

Au revoir ๐Ÿ‘‹
Replies: >>40327 >>40328
see you in a week
u own a car? gotta look that record up.
Hi bby
Replies: >>40335
Brandon im going to work i hopenyou know that you are loved ๐Ÿฅฐ
brandon you lost
ah fak I coomed mascot ack nowledged me my bussy is dialatinggggg
Replies: >>40336
Pathetic cuck
brandon losing right now
brandon why are you vaccinated you have no job
>>40293 >>40292
brandon: i'm such a loser
me: you wish you were me lil bro ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™
even the losers won't take you lil bro
๐Ÿ’ฉ brandon ๐Ÿ’ฉ
brandon hide ๐Ÿ”ช
brandon i can do 15 pull ups
Replies: >>40367 >>40370
cope brandon
niggas how is birth rate not 0.01 already
brandon found you
cope brandon
pretty empty here today
is it because brandon left?
Replies: >>40369
use a trip when another anon is talking
because they're jealous and because they have nothing
fuck you Branden
brandon you filtyh jew
Guys my dad cant pick me up from work and now my mom is asking me if i can give my cousin $20 for her to pick me up bruh I did not ask for this
Replies: >>40381
Im forced to send her $20 or i dont go home
Maybe i should just live here and showrr at the waterpark dressing rooms
Switch your work place
Replies: >>40382 >>40383
Its not my work place thats the issue my dad cant picj me up because hes at a meeting and my cousin is the only one who can but she wabts $20
Replies: >>40384
Thats alot for a ride
Replies: >>40387
And you want to fuck him?
Replies: >>40390
not understandings women
$20 for gas apparently
I had no idea my dad wasnt gonna be able to and now i am forced to pay my cousin like a slave.
Replies: >>40388
he lying
Mascot this could be you but you are like 10 years too old

How does this make you feel?
Replies: >>40391
Um i have about 5 uncles on my dads side who are all married and all have kids and 3 uncles and 2 aunts on my mom who also have kids i dont even have an exact number on the amount of cousins i have
Shes 18yo female so before you assume and are ignorant and chock it up to all women make no sense stfu thanks karma
Replies: >>40391
That is a brown man
Im sorry i think im being hormonal
Replies: >>40392
Dont you wanna be held by grown man
Replies: >>40393
Only white
Replies: >>40394
Damn whats wrong with Asians you racist
Big brother and then we get married when i turn 14 but only if hes white
Replies: >>40396 >>40397
you are 15
Replies: >>40398

I saw this today.
Yeah i know what does that have to do with it
I dont even want to look at this in depth its gonna make me feel bad
Replies: >>40401
I saw this today
Replies: >>40402
Some Azn girl in the comments called it painfully accurate
Replies: >>40403
Ive never slept with anyone i dont count
1 more hour of work
Someone at work told me 15 min poop is too long and i should go to the doctor
Replies: >>40407 >>40408
Heh i am probably way more hydrated than all of catchan combined
Kinda intrusive ngl
Replies: >>40409
i agree with him/her
Replies: >>40410 >>40411
Sorry croat girls dont actually poop
I am not getting nutrients i fear
i barely never use toilet in work
I hate fat people so fucking much ddude i have to roll extra meat extra cheese extra queso butritos that are impossible to fold and i just want to yell i want to say Nigga you should not be eating all that but i dont
Once i had to make a burrito for someone who was literally immobile and i felt really bad
Replies: >>40417
Brandon Brandon Brandon
Come and fly away with me
its kinda sad how no-one wants to make free speech imageboard tbh
Stop being fatphobic... smh
Replies: >>40418
Beibn a little chunky is ok but when you are chunky fat as fuck ordering extra cheese meat and queso burrito and you are in those electric wheelchairs meant for disabled people im DONE!!!!!
i love that celebrities are exposed as pedos everyday
Replies: >>40420
Same bro
Replies: >>40421
Soon people will get tired of everyone being pedos and we will be accepted
Replies: >>40422
Yeah only like 14yo
No world for totfags
Replies: >>40423 >>40424
it's over...

Normies cant tell the difference anyway here is under 12yo lover
What do you mean they cant tell the difference
Replies: >>40426
We are all evil rapist pedophiles for normalfags, doesn't matter if you like a 5yo girl or a 17yo.
Replies: >>40427 >>40429
Anyway i hope Mr.Beast defends him i think people think of him nice and jesus so might be a very good thing for pedos if he does
Oh yeah true
Who even likes 17yos anyway thats basically an adult thats not even like a teenager
Replies: >>40430
Replies: >>40431
t. normies

Replies: >>40434 >>40435
Tbh if youre gonna do something illegal anyway go the full mile cowardโ€ฆ. You get convicted and accused of grooming anyway bro
(Not endorsing any crimes)
>video already liked
Its over
Replies: >>40436
Oh my god i love that girl shes so sweet shes adorable
Replies: >>40437
Same, not in pedo way.
I'll never understand Youtube. Censor the audio one words like rape and loli but show them in text? 
Censor the picture heavily and only describe it and then show it fully anyway a second later.
Replies: >>40439 >>40457
i think there is certain amount of swear words you can say without getting demonitized
Replies: >>40444
sutan is too cute i like her too
Do you know the japanese baby who sings about vegetables?
Replies: >>40449
Replies: >>40447
I just don't get why it's only audio that it applies to. 
I have seen those crime analysis videos where they cover a famous murderer or whatever and they can describe in vivid detail how they dismembered a body or show video of someone getting run over and that's not gonna get them demonetized but they say rape and they will?
Youtube is fucking insane.
Replies: >>40445
I am pretty sure audio is automatically parsed. Maybe it's easier to pick our words spoken than ones written? Probably takes a lot less processing power to do audio only--
Replies: >>40446
Not 100% sure on this, but one YouTuber did mention that videos gets flagged for audio automatically even if they are not reported.
Replies: >>40448
>Sofia with brown cock
Its over
Grabbing other peoples food is not polite
Replies: >>40450
She can grab my cock in public for all i care
We've been through this before, web hosts don't like it so prominently displayed and ask for it to be removed.
Replies: >>40456 >>40461
Child porn rights are human rights
The bad people are jerking off to illegal loli porn drawings
>Shows the illegal loli porn drawings in the video

Replies: >>40458
I wish i had known about Shadman when he was still a thing
Replies: >>40459
I daily visited his page on his golden days. I started drawing hentai because of him. I was underage too.

damn so this is what the wokes were talking about...
Replies: >>40460
Post your work
Replies: >>40462
>We've been through this before, web hosts don't like it so prominently displayed and ask for it to be removed.
duh just put it in base64 then dumbass
I'll make a sketch if u give me a minute. I can't risk it by posting my public work
Replies: >>40467
Replies: >>40464

he's driving to alabama
Replies: >>40465 >>40466
i cut his brake lines
> alabama

That's actually where he's going?
I would rather give myself an enema with a flaming blow torch than set foot in Alabama tbqh
Alabama is inhabited by some of the dumbest creatures in the universe
Replies: >>40468
risk people knowing you post on a pedo textboard?
Replies: >>40469
well see where brandon winds up when government records are updated. Unless brannie is subletting now to avoid jole detection
You wouldn't get it (damn he's got a point).
Replies: >>40470 >>40472
Dang, that's nice.
Replies: >>40471
Reminds me of Laura
Replies: >>40473 >>40474
It was the idea. Can't do much with a quick drawing tho, neither I've drawn her before anyways lol
So i tried to reason with myself and told myself its ok to fap if you find something hot but just do it once (i hadnt fapped for like 48h) and now i fapped 6 times already so yeah i just cannot fucking fap or i lose it.
Replies: >>40475
so like 6 nuts in 40minutes lads
I really want a female child
tots=bundles of sex:3
My cat
Replies: >>40479 >>40481
nice pussy
Replies: >>40480
Thx ๐Ÿ˜บ
Bro . Hop off my pecker
Replies: >>40485
where is the color
Replies: >>40487
is king cobra jfs white
Replies: >>40489
up ur but
Replies: >>40490
brandon good night
hes fat, fat people arent white
Replies: >>40491
i. hate. you.
false i work at a theme park in america
Replies: >>40492
Replies: >>40493
Replies: >>40495
Sorry cap lock
making funnel cakes isnt work ur just pouring shit into oil or something loser get a real job
Replies: >>40497
sell drugs sell sex sell porn
brb robbing a warehouse to sell chinese cigarettes $5 a pop
Replies: >>40498

You need to convince the bosses at Hershey Park to quit selling those nasty burritos, and sell tasty Momos instead
Replies: >>40500
say brk won and slip me a $20 and ill put a half gram of meth in your churro
people will only eat it if it has queso in it..... momo is awesome though
Replies: >>40505
i'm gonna get nade fired tomorrow watch
Replies: >>40502 >>40504
i told her boss shes doing drugs
Replies: >>40503
> queso

I had some cheese momo once...from Bhutan, I think...the cheese was some kind of weird cheese that I've never had, other than that one time though
Replies: >>40506
oh yeah was the cheese hard? its called churpi
my family is from bhutan so i eat a lot of bhutanese dishes as well
where the fuck is brandon ive been edging for 6 hours
> churpi

Yeah, I think thst was it...I really like the momo filled with meat and stuff though
We've got Momo street vendor food carts on street corners here in NYC...mostly around the Central Park area
...brandon??? your scaring me
brandon died in a car accident
cubicle number #420
brannonucleosis where are u?
we put one of those cumming dildos up brandon's ass and pumped boiling hot water up it
get btfo'd you stupid faggot
did brannie get 3rd degree anus burns?
i niggered
i niggered

hi jole :3
lol female cope
Replies: >>40524
me eating in brandon's sweatshop
What happened to catchan???
>not assimilating 
get fucking nigger break & enter murdered
Replies: >>40533
brandon i want you to stick your balls into the microwave, shtu the door and turn it on. i will recorrd
I miss meow meow I am cat fellow, was a good guy tbh. Should have got the tripcode though, would be ironic considering he always was the one complaining about identities
Replies: >>40532
Hes still around calling people anklebiters.
Replies: >>40534
papa meat FTW
Silvia banned me :(
"No reason specified"
Fuck silvia ffs
Replies: >>40535 >>40536
Hm wtf? U meow?
You definitely deserved it, whatever it was.
Replies: >>40537
Prove it? I didn't post cp or anything illegal, otherwise it would be specified in the reason feed. I just got "No reason specified", which is just bullshit.
Replies: >>40538
I rarely put any reason on here but I've only banned for spam or CP so you posted one of those things.
Replies: >>40542
Replies: >>40540
nope hes knocked too many glasses off the counter
Imagine having a life so empty and barren that being in a constant state of impotent rage over some petty imageboard site shit is the only way you can feel alive 
Truly sad...... 
Replies: >>40593
No cp I ever posted, define "spam"? Seems like an excuse to rule cuck this place to hell.
Replies: >>40543 >>40544
spam: posts made by anonymous
Replies: >>40544
>>40542 >>40543
Replies: >>40547
Tbh meow won.
Anonymity is the currency of cowards
You fucking kidding me to give me a year long ban over this pitifull bullshit? This place is rulecucked worse than reddit, worse than sharty even
Replies: >>40548
It was a joke. Stop posting CP you degenerate.
Replies: >>40549
I did not post cp you faggot. All the niggers that posted cp has "cp" in the reason ban field
Replies: >>40550
Looks like you got banned twice for CP looking at the logs.
Replies: >>40552
Ban reason:
You were requesting CP.
Replies: >>40554 >>40555
Specify the posts? I didn't post cp, I did post "spam" though to boost pph
Replies: >>40556
date with brandon but you have control over the vibrator in his ass
Damn meow, I didn't know you were a pedofile.
That was a joke, not anything more cruel than namefags posting about raping children and whatnot
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Replies: >>40560
brandon's life is like playing fallout with 2 INT
all brandon has is agiliy and endurance
Price you pay to be Anon, all your posts are judged as-is. Which means you can catch bans easier because there is no rapport.
How does this "spam" justifies ban? As we figured out, I did NOT post cp. I did post "fuck silvia" though.
Replies: >>40561
didnt you post it 25 times or like 200 times
Replies: >>40562 >>40563
I post it occasionally but I can't remember it
Replies: >>40564 >>40565
> 200 times

In the aggregate...more like 20,000 times tbh
I mean I don't count
im prety sure i remember you spamflooding it
which sounds a lot like spam your honour
i rest my case
we recommend the death penalty
There is nothing against rules to suggest to fuck a grown ass pedophile man who is also a mod/owner
Replies: >>40568
the bible says u cant do that
Replies: >>40569
Post verse, heretic
Replies: >>40571
Spam makes Jesus cry
leviticus 20:13 i think?
Replies: >>40573
brandon how do i make acid
>If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.
Nothing about a spam. Total Rodent Annihilation.
Replies: >>40575
u cant fuck them or u die
Replies: >>40578
Okay Silvia unbanned me. Thank you and also fuck Silvia.
silvia watches putin have sex with his daughter
Yeah but you can talk about fucking a grown ass pedophile hosting a pedo textboard
Replies: >>40579
dont you have something better to do on sunday
Replies: >>40582
Homosexual behavior is fine, so long as it remains where it Session
Replies: >>40581
theres no gloryholes in session
Replies: >>40584
It's fucking hot outside nigger
Replies: >>40583
waaaa waaaa just go to the mall or something or church
> no gloryholes

But there are many willing and supplicant buttholes though
if you think its hot now just wait until we all live on mercury
they cornered brandon on his way to deliver catchan server racks used to host cp to a new base of operations. Its truly over.